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It has come to our attention that some customers have been using this device as a laser jammer because it may interfere with other laser systems such as Police laser guns. Our Laser Defence is sold as a parking sensor and should only be used for that purpose. If it detects that it is being 'hit' with a laser gun or other type of laser system it will assess the threat and warn you that this is happening and then shut itself down after a given period. It will re-arm itself after 60 seconds.

Our Laser Defence was developed to meet the needs of a demanding ever changing market and is part of a range of products that are both innovative and updateable, allowing you and your vehicles protection to evolve and meet the ever changing threats in society.

Our Laser Defence team have many years experience and the laser defence is designed & built to the highest possible quantity control standards, using the highest quality LEDs, lasers and receivers. Not all parking sensor products are the same. In fact, our Laser Defence is the only system available to incorporate LED and Laser Module technology.

The system is designed to assist the driver when parking a vehicle and prevent unnecessary damage to the vehicle. We believe our Laser Defence System will increase your driving pleasure and keep you and your vehicle safe from unnecessary damage for many years to come.

In order to avoid interference with other laser based systems the Laser Defence System has been designed to alert the driver of possible interference & if necessary switch the system down.

The harness our Laser Defence has a switch, speaker and LED included to give you control and warnings of impending danger or interference from other laser systems.

The powerful control box is managed by an ARM-7 micro processor, it has 4 ports to allow for easy expansion and full front and rear coverage for even the largest vehicle; one or two ports is simply not enough.

Our Laser Defence System the only device on the market to use a combination of powerful LEDs AND Laser Modules. The laser modules used are the same as in Laser Pro Park, Laser Interceptor and Anti-Laser etc.

Our Laser Defence System uses the licence free 904nm laser frequency. The same frequency as used by several motor manufacturers eg. Nissanís adaptive cruise control system which uses laser to determine the distance immediately in front of the vehicle and to deactivate the cruise control if the stopping distance is considered to be too short. Police laser guns use the same 904 nm frequency also.

Please note, laser defence may be supplied branded or unbranded depending on time of ordering and order quantity. Minimum order quantities apply for laser defence with your own branding and packaging.

Please contact us for sample and bulk pricing. Distributors and resellers welcome.


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