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Our OEM Radar Detector is a premium ultra high performance radar detection system. It sets new standards in radar detection coupled with laser detection. Our radar detector covers all radar and laser bands. Default programming can be tailored for specific locations with selectable bands and custom voice alerts.

Our OEM radar detector leads the pack as a result of its superior radar and laser reception sensitivity, particularly on GATSO, Multanova and Traffixpix photographic speed traps. These frequencies and type of low powered cameras are not used in the USA or Canada where some radar detectors are manufactured. The implementation of smart technology serves to reduce false alerts without sacrificing blistering radar detection sensitivity and performance.

While many name brand radar detectors are based on 5 or 6 year old designs, our Vengeance 2 radar detector is designed and built in 2009 using the latest Digital Signal Processor technology and a flash software upgradeable design.

Please note, radar detector may be supplied branded or unbranded depending on time of ordering and order quantity. Minimum order quantities apply for radar detectors with your own branding and packaging.

Please contact us for sample and bulk pricing. Distributors and resellers welcome.


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We offer quality & high performance OEM radar detectors worldwide.


Combine laser defence with a radar detector for full protection.


Perfect for training, accident recording and vehicle management.