Video Drive Recorders:
Manufacturer of Video Drive Recorders

A GPS enhanced, continuous video recording system for use in vehicles as a digital eyewitness for accidents, as well as law enforcement, fleet management and driver training etc.

Capable of detecting a collision and sudden braking or acceleration, continuously logging the time, vehicle speed and location through real time Google Maps correlation.

Twin wide angle (170 lens) CMOS cameras record front and back views.

Records compressed M-JPEG data at 16 frames per second (max.) on a continuous loop.

G-Sensor detects a 3-axis collision or sudden braking/acceleration and saves audio/video recording 1 minutes prior to and 1-2-3 minutes after the event that can be automatically or manually triggered.

Emergency recording can also be triggered manually at the press of a button, which can be positioned in a place suitable to the driver.

Footage is then available for playback from the 2GB SD card for use as evidence in any disputes or claims.

Simple to install, either attached to the rear view mirror or on the windscreen. Supplied with DC 8V-36V power adaptor and 2GB SD Card - device can take up to an 8GB card.

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